Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Traveling by Train

I just got back from a short trip to Southern California. I took the Amtrak Coast Starlight which is a very long and scenic train ride. I loved every minute of it! For 14 hours I read, dozed off a little and gazed out the window.

Since I wanted to travel light, I only brought along my point and shoot camera which I was delighted to discover had a video feature on it. Check out my very first YouTube video! (I apologize for the ad. I wanted music so I used a "YouTube track" and that is one of the trade offs. You can click to make it go away)

I enjoyed taking photographs just for the sake of "taking photographs" and not with the intention of making art or anything else. (I love doing that as well, but I felt very free and creative this weekend.) Besides the few I am showing here, I also took pictures of my brother and his family. This was important since I have shared before how few pictures I have taken of my family and friends since I got serious about photography.

All of these photos were shot from the window of the train.

Besides the relaxing train trip, I was able to celebrate with my brother the funding of his new project "Kaboing TV".

On Saturday I had the pleasure to meet in person, Katherine Kean and see some of her beautiful paintings. Katherine and I met last year when we were both taking Alyson Stanfield's Blog Triage Class. It truly is the beauty of the cyber world when you get to meet face to face someone you have only known through comments on each other's blogs and various emails. By the way, I love seeing her new paintings as she posts them on her blog, but seeing them in person was such a treat. Absolutely beautiful!

The most important part of the trip however, was spending time with my two young nieces, Daisy and Casey. It had been too long and part of my "slowing down" plan includes just this sort of experience. Besides going to the movies to see Shrek, we also spotted two dolphins swimming close to shore while eating dinner in Malibu!

Train travel, family, friends and dolphins................perfect way to spend a weekend. I hope to do it again soon!


  1. I love how your slowing down plan is playing out. The mood of your video is wonderful - good music too, and I can't help but like the Loco photo. It was a treat to get to meet you - and congratulations to your brother - that's fantastic funding!

  2. I really felt on the train with you looking through the window - what a fabulous journey - and I so agree with you about using the camera in a different way or leaving it at home altogether! I haven't used a camera for 2 weeks now and am about ready to pick it up again with fresh eyes! I like the Loco photo to - very different from your usual pics - thanks Dianne

  3. What a fun trip. Meeting Katherine and playing with your family and camera... a nice way to slow down. I love your point and shoot video and your music choice. To be unencumbered with equipment allows me to shoot for the heck of it. I have loved that feature on my camera.

  4. Thanks everyone! It was fun.

    Beth - maybe I will take the train out to Florida next.....you never know!

  5. Dear Dianne,

    I love hearing of your trip and seeing the brief video sharing your view from the train. I was not aware it traveled along the coast, it seems I am going to have to look into it myself.

    Wishing you all the very best,

  6. Thanks Egmont, Yes - I highly recommend this trip. It hits the coast a little bit south of San Luis Obispo. (I think) It starts to go inland a little bit south of Ventura. Very fun!