Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Irises

I have not been outside taking advantage of the magnificent skies that we have experienced this spring in Northern California. I feel pangs of guilt and uncertainty every time I make the choice not to go outside and take photographs, but those feeling disappear as soon as I step inside my studio and prepare for a different kind of photo shoot.

I am still having a wonderful time photographing flowers and taking advantage of the amazing light that streams through my studio windows. The beauty of doing it this time of year, is that many of the flowers I have been photographing have been free – either picked from my own yard or given to me by friends and neighbors.

A couple of years ago a good friend of mine came over on my birthday and planted irises that she brought from her yard. What a special gift! I was disappointed last year when nothing bloomed, but that was forgotten soon after seeing the first flowers pop out this year. I was a little hesitant to cut them down. They looked really good in my yard, but I had other plans for them.

Here is a little inside look at what I do when shooting flowers.

While I have not had time to print and color any of my images from that day,
I could not resist playing with them a little in Photoshop.

©2010 Dianne Poinski

Right now it feels like I have an entire 1TB hard drive filled with flower images (that’s not true, but I like to exaggerate.) While I feel frustrated by the fact I haven’t had time to really work on all these photographs, it’s ok. I am taking a little break from teaching workshops this summer and am eagerly anticipating the fun I will have working on my flowers. Stay tuned…………………………..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Random: “Without Pattern”………….done, chosen, or occurring without an identifiable pattern, plan, system, or connection.

It’s been a few weeks since I have posted here. I forgot what April is like when you do work as a bookkeeper. Pretty crazy - but I got everything done so my client could send her numbers to the accountant. This and my other “side jobs” have left me feeling a bit fragmented and unable to stick to a predictable schedule - which is one of the reasons I titled this post “Randomness”. The other reason is, what I am going to write about will seem a little random.

Part I - my studio.

I shared before about storing chairs, tables and other items needed to teach my classes in an empty studio and how it made my life so much easier. While I knew it was temporary, I was still caught off guard when I found out I needed to get my stuff out of there so that studio could be rented. If I didn’t feel the need to clean up once a month for Second Saturday I could just leave everything out, but I think I came up with a workable solution.

I am storing the chairs behind the screen and the tables under a bigger table. Other items were put in my van to take home. (It’s been almost 2 weeks and they are still in my van. Not sure what that is about.)

In other news, I have done a very small amount of work on my side yard where I wanted to do a bit of gardening. The weather is partly to blame, but so is the “randomness” of my time. I am not giving up…………………………

The last thing I wanted to share is that I did not get into The Sausalito Art Festival this year. I wrote last year about missing that show and how I was going to apply in 2010 but try to let go of the outcome. Easier said than done. My ego took a beating and then I found myself second guessing the decision I made to take a year off from shows. Did that hurt my chances? I will never know, but I am already looking ahead to next year and will try again. I am also focusing on the fact that I was accepted three years in a row and it’s a tough show to get into. Photography is one of the most competitive categories and I should feel good about what I did accomplish instead of beating myself up for not getting in this year.

So there you go……….random bits of information I have been wanting to share. Have a great week!