Friday, March 12, 2010


This is not my flower garden, but I wish it was.

There is one thing that has become crystal clear in the last few weeks and it has to do with time and my relationship with it. I am often overwhelmed, discouraged, and fragmented. This is not new information – I have shared this before - but having these little “side jobs” is not helping. I can’t seem to find my rhythm.

I am being encouraged by some wiser, more experienced entrepreneurs to schedule more down time. On more than one occasion in the last few weeks I have been asked the question “what do you do for fun?” My immediate response usually has something to do with my photography, but I am learning that there might be a better answer.

With the help of a "time tracking" website I found called, I recently discovered that the actual time I spend working on “photography” is very small when compared to the other tasks I have to do to keep my studio doors open. Some of this information is very illuminating, but at the same time it’s also painful.

So what does all of this have to do with “Gardening”? Everything.......

Every year I long to have a beautiful garden with flowers, vegetables and herbs. Every year I think the same thing…………."who has time for that?" I am not kidding when I say “every year”. Not just the last couple of years, but probably the last 10 years or maybe more.

Now if I had a friend that came to me and said “I really want to (fill in the blank) but I don’t have time” I would probably council them to listen to their heart and rearrange their priorities so they could find the time to do what they wanted to.

I haven’t been so kind with myself. After all, I have a financial tunnel to dig out of and the only way to do that is by working my ass off. Right.....? This is just the kind of thinking that got me into this mess.

So in this very public forum I am going to share my attempts to transform my ugly side yard into (and I am going to be very realistic here)…….just something nicer.

No grand illusions. I just want to start something and maintain it. It would be my tendency to want to dive in, spend money and burn myself out. No……………I want to enjoy this and for once change “every year” into “this year I began it…………”

It won’t hurt to have more flowers to photograph either…….. And I don’t care what other people say – when I am photographing flowers, I am in the “zone” and I do not consider that to be “work”.

PS I would like to thank Egmont over at "Four Seasons in a Life" for featuring me on his blog. Check out this wonderful site and make sure your speakers are on!


  1. Kudos to you for seeing what you want and taking steps towards it!

    It may or may not suit your style, but you might enjoy checking out Ruth Stout's no work gardening methods.

    I think down time and activities you love are essential elements for nourishing creativity.

  2. those large watering troughs - the big shiny aluminum ones - sold at farming supply shops would be great in that space.
    those come in many sizes and shapes - an oblong one might fit nicely.
    you can have good soil, plant whatever you want and not have to get on your knees to attend to weeds.

    i think sometimes you are guilty of thinking too much.
    if you have a task list for each day -let's say 7 things and you are able to get 5 done - are you able to move the 2 not done to the top of the list the next day?
    there is nothing wrong in not being able to finish a list in a day or week - what is a problem is when "other things" crowd out the ability to accomplish the tasks you set for yourself.

    and do you say "yea for me - i got 5 of the 7 done!" or is it "gee, i am slack - i only got 5 done"?

    and boy, do i have to work on that same problem in my work, in my household!

  3. Thanks Katherine - I just looked up Ruth Stout on google and am looking forward to doing more research on her. And yes - the down time is so important.

    Deborah - thanks for your suggestions - the troughs sound like a great idea. I have quite a few large pots hanging around to fill first. Also - you would not be the first person to observe that I "over think". It's very true and I appreciate not only your tips but your reminder to be nice to myself. Thank you!

  4. Greetings Dianne,

    I have been gardening since this past weekend we had beautiful weather, and though I would rather plant my vegetables, the wonderful rains we had have also given us a lot of weeds. So I was pulling weeds before they get to large and while the ground is still soft.

    Thank you for the mention and link, however it was a pleasure to feature your art and blog.

    Warmest regards,

  5. Happy gardening Dianne. I have heard only optimists plant things. That is a happy thought in itself. A friend gave me a garden gnome a few years ago. I love him, he makes me smile all of the time, another happy kitch thought.