Monday, January 25, 2010

Too Much Fun.........

©Dianne Poinski - color image

This Saturday is my second "Photographing and Hand-Coloring Flowers" workshop and since I had to move all my props, backdrops and lights into my studio anyway, I thought this would be a great time to have a little fun before I had to start preparing for the class.

I love setting up to make photographs of flowers. Digital photography has made this even more enjoyable. Since I don’t have to worry about the cost of processing film, I can shoot away.

I lose all sense of time and have been known to miss appointments when shooting flowers. One arrangement or even a single flower can take all afternoon to get right. I will change the composition, the camera angle, the lights, the vase and even the backdrop before I am satisfied I have captured the image I was looking for.

Using a reflector

I have to admit that I am not kind to my flowers or my space when I get in this mode. Most flowers only survive one day of active shooting. Stems are cut ruthlessly and thrown on the floor. Petals and leaves are plucked and tossed as well. You add some good music to this scene and it’s a wonderful way to spend a day.

Making a mess

This is the first time I have done a significant amount of photography in my actual studio. I shared in an earlier post about my longing for a place to store everything I used in that class so I could easily set up for another workshop or use myself. This way I wouldn't have to haul lights, backdrops and boxes of props up and down the stairs and in and out my car every time I needed it.

Well, after I moved everything into my studio for the last class, I was told I could use an empty studio as temporary storage! (Love it when that happens!) So last week all I had to do was buy some fresh flowers, then walk down the hall and retrieve what I needed, set it up and start shooting.

I will finish my current project in the next couple of days and devote the rest of the week to preparing for the workshop this weekend.

I don't really have to clean up my studio until Second Saturday so I plan to photograph some more in the coming weeks and have finished images to show soon………

©Dianne Poinski - color image


  1. It's fun when you can get out and shoot. I love it! I will have to try shooting in studio. I too have the equipment and hardly ever use it. Although, I did use it last month a few times for some portrait work. Enjoy shooting, I sure do. It's a great stress relief.

  2. Perfect title - too much fun! I think it would be great to have a couple hours for this kind of creative work, just trying things, see how it comes out, try something else.

    I plan to have a studio setup in my next house. We'll see. Lovely images and nice post.

  3. All the set up pays off. I love the excited and happy mood of these photos!

  4. My poor flowers don't survive very long either. The poor things get pulled and prodded into all sorts of scenarios! I've always thought flowers have personalities, each one has it's own 'way' of wanting to sit or fall and it's up to us to make the most of it!

    As for an empty studio - you lucky thing!!!

  5. Thanks everyone! I highly recommend this activity. I have been having a great week. I really have to get ready for the class this weekend though...........Rachel, I loved what you said about flowers having their own personality. It's so true and only adds to the experience. Thanks!

  6. Dianne: The aftermath of the spent flowers seems like a very approachable subject. I for one love the freshness of a vibrant bloom, but its vulnerability sendsa poignant message.

  7. I love your blog. Let me know when you have a basic class again.