Monday, November 23, 2009

Different This Year....

Blue Ridge Parkway ©2009 Dianne Poinski

I finished my last workshop of the year on Saturday and it feels good. I enjoyed teaching these classes and it’s the only thing that made it possible for me to take the year off from art festivals - but I think I am ready for a change of pace. It’s similar to the feeling I had at the end of the show season every year.

I thought that taking a break from art festivals would be just that – a break, time off, a slower pace. It took me by surprise to find myself with just as many items on my to-do list.

In the past, after the shows were over for the year, I would usually just stop working. There were many reasons for this. Besides being just plain tired, I was busy trying to catch up on things that had been neglected around my house or reconnecting with friends I had ignored all year and - the break always coincided with the appearance of the red cups at Starbucks.

Every year I go into the holidays with the idea that “this time it will be different”. I won’t have my annual “meltdown” and I won’t be giddy with relief when January 2nd rolls around. To be honest – I have a reputation of being a “grump” (nice word) during this time of year. Like many people, I start to feel overwhelmed with obligations and attempt to please too many people.

I have been giving this a lot of thought and may have had a breakthrough (which is a lot more fun than a “breakdown”). Like I said earlier, I usually stop doing any real work at the end of the year. Could this be one of the reasons people feel like they have to tiptoe around me during December? It’s an idea worthy of exploring.

While I loved teaching this year, I have also felt a little frustrated with the lack of time for my own work – a common complaint of art teachers. With no workshops planned until the end of January, I now have some time.

I have a project that has been stirring around in my brain for quite awhile and I think it’s time to get started. Now – not “after the holidays”. I will share more later about my plans, but I already feel a new energy and a purpose and a reason to do something for “me” this year. There is a good chance that by doing something to make myself happy, the Christmas “grump” (again, a nice word) will take the year off.

I am not promising a Christmas miracle, just conducting an experiment. I will let you know how it goes………………


  1. This sounds like a wonderful plan as well as an excellent choice. Enjoy your you time. Cheers!

  2. Dianne: Boy do I know the feeling. I find when I have teaching classes or workshops everything else takes a back seat. I am not sure why I can't find a better balance. after all, I think of myself as the poster child for multi-taskers. I look forward to your seeing your new project unfold. Enjoy the process, grumpy!

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