Thursday, October 22, 2009

Recycling - one more time

I promise this is the last time I do this.

I am still feeling overwhelmed and a bit grumpy about this accounting mess. I am also preparing for a class I am teaching this Saturday.

Instead of just messing up my self imposed schedule of blogging twice a week, I am posting a few links to blogs I wrote early on when I only had a couple of readers - with one being my daughter - thank you Nichole!

So here are just a few:

How Did I Get Here?

In Search Of........

The Fight is Over

Next week I hope to share something new I have been working on. That's the plan anyway.....................


  1. Good grief, don't apologize. It is fun to revisit some earlier posts. Self imposed deadlines plaque us all. Thanks for giving the rest of us permission to kick back. Good luck with "the books."

  2. I agree with the comment above - and you have my sympathy for the lost computer files - I had a similiar thing happen to me and lost quite alot but my accounts were intact thank goodness! You have permission to be very grumpy indeed!!! Hope the class goes well (lucky participants!!)

  3. Thank you! On top of everything else, my internet was down for almost 24 hours! Just got back on. My sales tax return will be going out on time - so I am happy about that! Thanks again!