Monday, August 24, 2009

Comfort Zone - Part II

I have shared before about the times I have tip toed out of my comfort zone to face my fears and do things I may not have done before. One of those times was a few months ago when I had to be filmed introducing myself for I wrote a post about it back then, but what I did last week was not tip toeing out of my comfort zone, it was vacating it completely.

A little background on - this a new venture started by two of Sacramento's top photographers, Jeff Burholder and Ginny Giles. The description on their website explains their vision: “Together they saw there was a need to help others in their desire to learn the craft and art of photography, and late in 2008 they combined their efforts to create an online community to inspire, educate and create a sense of community for the art-form of photography. is not only an online community, but also has hand-on one too; with on-location workshops and programs that too help to inspire and grow the photographer’s vision”.

I was honored to be invited to participate and was under the impression that at the beginning, it would be more of a vehicle for introducing and offering live workshops here in Sacramento. I knew there was an online component but thought I had awhile before I had to worry about it. I was wrong. The tutorials already posted on flash, exposure, depth of field and filters should have been a clue as to what was to come, but I think I was in denial.

A couple of weeks after I returned from Paris, Jeff emailed me about scheduling my “video tutorial”. Now I have taught my workshops quite a few times, but it’s not the same thing as teaching while being filmed. I decided the best way to do this was to be prepared. I wrote a detailed outline and started practicing because even though I know the material, and I am repeating myself here, explaining it in front of a video camera is not the same as talking to a roomful of students.

So last Wednesday, Jeff and his assistant Dani, came to my studio and set up all their equipment, put a mic on me and then they were ready. The preparation I did before hand helped keep my nerves at bay a little, but I also have to give Jeff and Dani a lot of credit. They were patient and encouraging and helped make me feel as comfortable as possible.

The tutorial was filmed in two parts with the first part being more of a description and explanation on preparing to hand-color and the second part a demonstration of the technique.

Pretty soon we were finished and they packed up their equipment and I celebrated! I did it! It was over!

Now for some people this probably wouldn’t have been a big deal, but as the kid that sat in the back row praying she would never get called on in class, you can bet this was a big hurdle to jump over.

I am not sure when my tutorial will be online and I am pretty sure I won’t watch it, but I hope to continue to stretch myself like I did. In doing this, I believe my comfort zone will grow and hopefully allow for many more new experiences and opportunities. I will keep you posted!


  1. Well, at least you did one. I don't see one from Ginny. Tell her I said hi. Bill too. I'm sure you did great! I saw your introduction. It's a great start!

  2. Isn't it funny how the camera freaks us out? In my other life I've done hundreds of public programs with thousands of people without blinking, yet if someone pulled out their video camera I always got nervous. Good for you for just doing it! I bet it turned out great.

  3. Yes, Gabrielle,

    I have always said there is a reason I am BEHIND the camera and not in front of it!

    Thanks for the comments!