Monday, May 18, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Babel Slough © 2007 Dianne Poinski

When I first started out as a photographer I thought that to get the images I wanted, I was going to have to find a way to get to Europe. At art festivals I noticed the lines of people waiting to buy the classic shots of Italy, France and England. These were beautiful images and people connected with them.

Ten years ago I got my first chance to visit Europe. I traveled to England with my family, cameras and trusty tripod. We rented a car when we first arrived, put 10 miles on it and took it back. We feared that if we continued to drive in this foreign country we would not make it back to the States in one piece. Not having a car put a little crimp in my plans to make the cozy scenes of England part of my portfolio but I did my best, and came back with more than a few images that I was proud of.

A few years later I went to Italy. This time I had a car to explore the countryside with. The Italy adventure included a car accident, (no one was hurt) great food, and in the end, many rolls of film to process when I got home. Another successful European photo shoot!

Then a strange thing happened. I started to notice that right in my own backyard were many scenes of beauty just crying out to be noticed. One day I asked a friend of mine who lived in the Sacramento Delta town of Clarksburg to drive me around with the hope I would find a few places to stop and aim my lens at. I was delighted by what I found! The delta region is rich with images and the light is amazing. My friend knew the back roads where sloughs remain hidden to everyone but locals.

Steamboat Slough I © 2007 Dianne Poinski

Steamboat Slough II © 2007 Dianne Poinski

All these new images and I didn't even have to get on an airplane! I learned a very important and valuable lesson that day. Practice "seeing" and you can take photographs anywhere! Also, it's true – there's no place like home……………………….

Next I will share some images from the foothills just east of where I live.


  1. Hi Dianne,

    I can't wait to see more images - the ones here are beauties!

    Your process is wonderful - I love how it makes me take a second look.

    Beautiful locations - I'd love to visit them myself.

  2. yes it's true it's all there in our own backyard! Lovely to read your post and a reminder of an exhibition at Tate Modern of the artists Gilbert and George who go no further than their immediate vicinity to find the inspiration for their art - thank you Dianne

  3. These are beautiful! and I have finally figured out when someone leaves me a comment, not to answer on my own blog, but to answer on theirs. Thank you for your thoughts on festivals, and you are right about the postcards. I haven't been sending because sales haven't been that important yet. i'm going to think about that and figure out an economical way to send them out for future (fall) festivals! Maybe one postcard a quarter with a list of festivals on them.

  4. Beautiful pictures of HOME! I'm originally from the Sacramento area and it will always be home. Thanks for the thoughts of looking in our own backyards -- I need to see the beauty of the southern CA desert now.