Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action!

Photo by Joe Poinski

Once again this week I vacated my comfort zone and lived to talk about it.

A couple of months ago I was invited to become part of a new venture called (the website isn’t live yet – so no link) to teach hand-coloring. will offer photography workshops on a wide range of topics.

We were told that one of the first steps would be for each instructor to film an introductory video explaining who they are and what they will be teaching. Eventually these videos will be part of the website where students can view the classes and then register for them.

When I learned early in the week that my day to film was Friday, my initial reaction was “no way”, “sorry, can’t make it”.

A little background might be in order. For the last ten years I have been participating in a local art festival where the promoter has worked extra hard to bring in the media to publicize the event. Now, for the last five or six years I have received a phone call a few days before the show asking if I would be interested in being interviewed by one of the TV news stations and every year I have said – you guessed it – NO!

No - to free publicity. No - to having my work seen by a large segment of the buying public. Yes – to playing it small. Yes - to safety.

Many people have expressed disbelief when they learn that every year I pass up this opportunity. It’s just that the thought of having to speak on camera terrified me.

This week I knew I could not say no. I don’t want to be that person anymore. I am not that person anymore.

So on Friday morning I packed up my courage and kept reminding myself how good it was going to feel when it was over. I was very nervous and we had to stop the filming quite a few times as I stumbled over my words. However, by the time we were finished, I actually found myself having a little fun!

The best part of the day was going home knowing once again I had done something extremely scary and it felt great. I was proud of myself.

And then I took a nap……………..


  1. Congratulations, Dianne! This is a great accomplishment. I know your feelings well. Hate any event with video cameras... but then actually had a documentary film made about my work, with the camera pointed at me for hours on end. I couldn't believe I actually did it and actually felt comfortable most of the time.

    Looking forward to seeing the results of your filming some day!

  2. Well done for making that initial step.
    I look forward to seeing the results some day.

  3. Yes, Congratulations! Has the feature run yet? Can you get a copy of it or link to it? That would be a cool addition to your blog.

  4. Thanks everyone!
    As soon as it is "live" I will post the link.

  5. hello i like way u managed ur art,indeed it impresses a lot.

    i am a photo artist based in india, working on the subject light.
    looking forward to see more of u.