Saturday, February 14, 2009

Infrared - Part II

I thought I would share a few more of my favorite infrared images. You will see examples of a digital image and 2 of the infrared films I used.

This image, "The Conservatory" was one of the first photographs I made with my D80 after it was converted to shoot infrared only. This is in Golden Gate Park and I love the shadow of the palm tree on the building.

"Tea Garden Bridge" was also shot in Golden Gate Park. I used Kodak High Speed infrared film for this image. This was about 7 years before I got my digital camera. I remember waiting a very long time to get the bridge empty. Kids kept climbing over it, making it very difficult to get the photograph I had been envisioning.

"Clouds I" is a shot I took in Marin County looking out toward Point Reyes. The clouds that day were amazing! I used the Konica infrared film in my Mamiya 645 for this image. I was so happy to see that black sky on the contact sheet!

The ethereal feeling, the drama and the contrast are all reasons why I love infrared.

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