Monday, December 1, 2008

Adieu "Big Blue"

I just wanted to share that a couple of weeks ago "Big Blue" was donated to WEAVE (Women Escaping a Violent Environment). He no longer occupies that special place in my driveway (I have a feeling my neighbors have been cheering about this).

I had "Van Morrison" listed on Craig's List for a few weeks with the hope that someone might see the potential that this vehicle had underneath the many layers of peeling blue paint. It was not to be.

What I really needed was to move on and so I made the decision to donate the van instead of trying to sell it. As much as my checking account would have appreciated the cash, this felt like the right decision.

I was surprised at my reaction when they came with the tow truck to pick it up. I actually shed a few tears as the truck drove away. This symbolized an ending as well as a beginning. When I made the transition from mini-van to "show van" it meant I was taking my business seriously and ready to do what it took to become a successful "Art Festival Artist". While I am not saying I failed in this venture, I have realized that the success I was looking for came with a price. A price, at least for now, I am not willing to pay.

I mentioned that I am taking a year off from doing art festivals but I must admit that there is a small voice inside of me hoping that this "experiment"proves to be so successful that I take two, maybe three or...................years off from the "circuit".

Already I am feeling a certain amount of freedom as I toss the applications that started arriving in the mail last month. I am making plans for weekends next summer that would not be possible with my former schedule. I am taking a vacation with my family in July!

So it was with mixed feelings that I bid farewell to "Big Blue". Sadness, fear, excitement and regret, all wrapped up in one very big "Blue Van".

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