Friday, August 15, 2008

I'll Be Back!

Just wanted to share that I will be taking a little break from posting on my blog. I have decided to devote most of my time in the next two weeks getting ready for my biggest show of the year - the Sausalito Art Festival.

Right after Sausalito I am traveling back east for a family wedding and then my daughter is coming home for a visit before she goes back to school! It will be a nice break - time to relax, regroup and get ready for my first workshop on October 4th.

I will resume posting sometime next month with reports on how Sausalito went and news about my plans for next year. Later..........................

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Alternative Processes

Earlier this week I played around with a new (to me) process of making a photographic print. My friend Judy invited a few of us over to teach some of the basics of Van Dyke printing. This is something I have been wanting to explore for awhile and was very excited when Judy invited me to join the small group at her house.

Van Dyke printing is actually an early photographic process that uses UV light to expose the negative. What I found very intriguing is this early process is being combined with digital technology by creating the large format negatives in the computer and printing them out on transparency film.

After the negatives are made, the watercolor paper is coated with a chemical solution that becomes the emulsion on the paper. We used a brush to apply the solution which gives the edges a unique look.

The next step is to place the paper and the negative in a glass frame and take it outside where the "magic" happens. The sun was the UV light source we used that day. Once the paper has been exposed, it is fixed and washed just like we use to do in the darkroom.

Every piece created is a one of a kind image and it takes a lot of practice, patience and skill to perfect making a photograph this way. It is always rewarding to learn new techniques that may further your own form of expression. Besides, you can't beat a day spent with good friends, making art and being creative.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Booth Building

Last week I was in Bellevue, Washington participating in the Bellevue Art Museum ArtsFair. It was a long way to go for an art festival but I was able to spend a couple of days in Seattle visiting with my daughter - so it was well worth it!

This show is interesting because it takes place in a parking garage! I decided it would be fun to show some of the different stages a booth goes through before it is ready for "showtime".

The first thing I do is get my van close to my space and unload as quickly as possible.

Then the fun begins. I usually put my panels up first to at least get the "bones" of my booth started.

After the panels are up it becomes easier to work around what's left on the ground. I begin to figure out where the tables go and from there decide where I will hang my frames. This particular booth took me about 6 hours to put together. I took my time and changed quite a few things along the way. At one point the Fire Marshall came through and I was instructed to change how my lights were plugged in.

I was happy with the way this booth turned out and I slept very well that night. Good thing too - we were open on Friday and Saturday from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm! Sunday we closed at 6:00 but I was still there until 9:00 tearing down. I was eager to get my van loaded and back to Seattle. My daughter had Indian food waiting and I was starving! Thanks Nichole!