Thursday, May 8, 2008

Time To Slow Down

Last weekend I was at the Saratoga Rotary Art Show. This was the first of 3 shows, 3 weekends in a row. I worked pretty much non-stop right up to the time I was leaving. This is my normal mode of operation during show season.

Saturday night I started to get a sore throat. "This could not be happening" I told myself. "I can't get sick!" Trying hard to convince myself it was just allergies, I attempted sleep. I was not very successful. Before the sun had a chance to rise, I accepted the fact that I was coming down with something and I would just have to power through and do the show. Fortifying myself with Advil and Sudafed, I managed to make it through the day, tear down and drive two and half hours home.

I woke up on Monday still feeling pretty lousy but there was work to do! Another show this weekend - no time to take it easy! I managed to get quite a bit done as I ignored my body's plea to rest.

Tuesday morning - I feel worse than I did on Monday. Exhausted actually. This was not part of my plan. The plan was to feel completely healthy by Tuesday. Oh well - I need to go to my studio. I have no choice - right?

Later on that day my printer starts acting up. Then it stops working all together. I can't get anyone over to look at it until the following morning.

As I am gearing up to go into full crises mode - it hits me. Getting sick was not enough to slow me down. The printer breaking down was a sign from the universe I could not ignore. Now I had no excuse. It was time to rest and that's what I did. Funny thing - I woke up Wednesday morning feeling much better!

I need to pay attention to this. I can get pretty crazy before a show. In response to being yelled at, my son would often ask me "do you have a show coming up". I am not proud of this. Friends come to see me at my shows because they know that's the only way they will get to visit with me.

I want to do things different this year. No one is forcing me to have a certain amount of inventory. It's my choice. I want to choose balance and fun over obsessive, frantic and stressed out.

I will report back and let you know how this is going. If you see me at a show and I look weary, remind of what I just declared.

I think I will go take a nap....................

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