Thursday, April 17, 2008

The waiting is over!

At the beginning of every year a ritual begins. The applications start coming in the mail and you know it's time. While many shows are now utilizing digital applications, which has made things easier, applying to shows can feel like a full time job for the first few weeks of a new year. You do the best you can, make sure all the directions have been properly followed, say a little prayer and send it in.

I can be pretty sure I will be invited back to many of the shows I have done before - but that is not always the case. In addition, there are always a couple of shows that I am applying to for the first time - shows I really want to get into. This is when stalking the mailman and obsessively checking emails becomes a lifestyle.

Well, I am happy to report that my 2008 show schedule is now complete and posted on my website.

Waiting to find out if you were accepted or rejected from a show can be torture! I found out this week the results of the last two shows I was waiting to hear from and it was good news! I was invited to participate in the Sausalito Art Festival and the La Jolla Festival of the Arts. It feels great to know what I am doing now.

Better get to work............

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