Monday, April 7, 2008



Above is "Repose" in it's "before" stage which was a full view of the vase in black and white. This photograph went through many changes before I arrived at the final image. I thought I had a vision of how I wanted this to turn out, but it's great fun when something else evolves out of your original intention.

Now before I continue, I feel I must explain something. The way I approach my work has progressed into something very different from what I started out doing. Yes, I went digital. I admit it. It was a tough fight and the explanation of that journey will be covered in another post.

I will clarify one thing - I still "hand-color" my originals. More on that later.

In order to have images that I can offer as "prints" and to create the jpg's I post to my website, I first hand-color an image in photoshop. Contrary to what I originally believed, it is not any easier coloring on the computer than doing it by hand, at least the way I go about it. I am still layering colors, adding highlights and spending quite a bit of time on each piece. Major differences between an original and the one I create in the computer are - I only do the print version once and my neck hurts a lot more as a result of all the computer time.

Anyway, back to my story about "Repose". I started coloring the original black and white version of this image and felt unsure about it. I liked it but did not love it.

Something wasn't working but I kept plugging away at it.

In keeping with my original vision, I adjusted contrast, toned and softened it. Getting better but still not working for me.

This image could have gone the way of many pieces where I just stop working on it but I didn't. At one point I zoomed in to get a closer look at one of the flowers and it hit me. I needed to crop the heck out of it and make it a square! Now I was happy.

Next: Hand-coloring an original with pastels. Can't wait? Go to FAQ's on my website.

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  1. I love your narrative, especially the last part: "And now I was happy". Lovely blog.