Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In Search Of........

For various reasons, most of which involve my children, I have made quite a few trips between Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area in the last month. On these little excursions I bring my camera and then search to find the perfect scene to photograph. This can be dangerous and with the price of gas going up every day, it can also be very expensive.

Recently while taking the back roads home, I got a little lost between Petaluma and Winters. Trying to navigate winding roads and keep a look out for places to pull over at the same time is tricky. It is easier when there are two people. One driving and one searching - however, this didn't help my cousin and I when we were Italy. We still managed to get into an accident after I ordered my cousin to "go back! I want to shoot there!" That's another story.

Today I drove to San Rafael via the "scenic route". I wanted to find "Steamboat Slough" which is along the Sacramento Delta. I have been there once and have the pictures to prove it, but I don't remember how I got there. I thought I had good directions today but when I came to where it was suppose to be, I think I was on the wrong side of the river. I went down the same road twice, thinking I had missed it. Since it was getting late, I thought I better start driving west toward the Bay Area. After going a short distance I see a sign for Sacramento and it's pretty apparent that I need to be on the other side of the river. All of a sudden I see a little ferry designed just to do that! It was a little strange but it got me to the other side and on my way.

I managed to take a couple of shots before getting too lost and that is what I am showing here. Don't ask me where I was - I have no idea!

I am here in San Rafael because I am going to Marin Catholic School tomorrow to demonstrate and talk about hand-coloring black and white photographs. I then pass out some of my old prints for them to play with. It's great fun and inspiring to see what they come up with.

I plan on going on another photo scavenger hunt tomorrow on my way home. Wish me luck!

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