Monday, April 28, 2008

Image of the Month

Last year I started sending out a monthly email that included a new "Image of the Month". Usually those receiving the email were the first to actually see this new image. I also post it on the home page of my website.

I started doing this for many reasons but the main reason was to motivate me to create new images. When I start getting really busy during show season, I have a tendency to spend most of my time building inventory for each show. After awhile I start to feel like I am constantly in "production" mode and very rarely do I feel like I am being creative.

Since I am happiest when I feel creative, I thought if I go public and say that I was going to have a new image every month that I would actually follow through it. I am happy to report it has worked! May's new image "Filoli Gate" was shot last July but I just recently hand-colored it. In past years I usually didn't have the time (or took the time) to make new images in July, which is in the middle of my busiest time. Knowing that I had made this intention to deliver something new every month was just the motivation I needed. It helped balance out the craziness of getting ready for shows and slowed me down just when I needed it the most.

You can sign up for my monthly emails on my website.

You can also drop me an email -, to let me know you would like to be added. I sometimes include special offers that are only available to those on my email list.

Back to work..................

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