Friday, April 11, 2008


One of the challenges with going digital was trying to figure out how I going to be able to still “hand-color” and produce originals. Through a lot of trial and error, I discovered that I liked working with pastels on the digital prints.

My black and white images start as archival pigment prints made on 100% cotton rag, acid-free paper. The first step is to shave down soft pastels to a fine powder.

I then apply the powder using various tools designed for

pastel artists. Color pencils are used to add highlights and fill in small areas.

I still have prints that I printed in the darkroom on fiber photo paper.

To color these I use photo oil paints.

I find hand-coloring very calming and meditative and time seems to fly by. This is one of the reasons it was so important that I find a way to hand-color digital prints. I am still learning all aspects of digital photography. I probably will be for the rest of my life. It's a little overwhelming at times but I am enjoying the journey.................


  1. Hi Dianne!
    your gallery is amazing and yourblog is very interesting to read! I've started from the last entry, but soon decided to read from the beginning!)

    I also doing my first step in digital photography. mostly I'm interested in BW photos.

    Your works are very inspiring! thanks for sharing them and your thoughts!

    Do you have a degree in painting? I wonder who difficult it to hand-coloring photos without good skills in painting?

    Best regards from Moscow,

  2. Thank you so much Dimitriy!

    I actually have no background in painting or anything like that. I have learned by doing which is always the best way for me to do things.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate your comment!